DIY gold leaf mousepad

I was on the lookout for a new mousepad, and I had a specific idea in mind of what I wanted. I ordered this plain white leather one from Amazon for under $10 and set out to add the gold touch I was looking for.

This DIY project is so simple. I didn't even have all of the materials I should have used, and it still turned out great. 

Here's what you need

white mousepad (mine was leather, but I can't say how other materials would hold up)
liquid gold leaf
paint brush with flexible, thin bristles
tape (I used packing tape because it's all I had, but painter's tape is probably recommended)

Here's how you do it

With your tape, mark off the section that you want to paint gold. Press down firmly on the tape with your fingers, especially along the tape's border. Shake your gold leaf until it looks uniform, and dip your brush. Paint your strokes away from the edge of the tape, so that you're less likely to get any gold underneath the tape. Work as quickly as you can, covering completely before you move on to the next spot (brushing over dry areas creates a slightly funky finish, so try to avoid that). Don't be afraid to use a fair amount of the gold leaf on your brush (I found that it didn't spread quite as well as paint would, for instance). When you've finished painting it on, let it sit for just a couple of minutes, and then carefully peel the tape off. Let it dry for a couple of hours, especially before use. Wash your brush with soap right away if you plan on re-using it.