Fall Bucket List

Make plenty of soup

Go to an NFL game

Try new craft beers in their best season

Continued from my other lists this year, keep walking everywhere before it gets too cold

Be on the hunt for 2017 calendars (one of my favorite things to do at each year-end)! Anthropologie released theirs

Drink boozy cider

Watch a scary movie
(Update: do the debates count?)

Come up with a good fall soundtrack for listening to at home (stay tuned for this!)
(Update: listen in here!)

Invest in some new cozy blankets and big throw floor pillows for lounging

Treat myself to a new pajama set (a favorite cool-weather ritual)

Make gnocchi with ragu, based on an unforgettable experience we had at FIG in Charleston

Go on a weekend getaway
(Update: we had a blast in Philadelphia with Dylan and Holly, my brother and sister-in-law!)

Host Friendsgiving

If we get our new house, have a house cooling party (inspired here)

If we get our new house, have a house warming party

If we don’t get our new house, have a party anyway

Make a Sunday stew or pot roast
(Update: did it! recipe to come!)

Make winter beer coozies as a little DIY project

Go apple picking with Jon’s sister and little nephew, Smith

Go hiking

Take a cooking class at New York’s Wine and Culinary Center

Go to New York with my mom to indulge in no-guilt shopping without any men around :) -
(Update: PS I just did this last weekend! And it was absolutely gorgeous weather in New York, so we sat on the roof of the Wythe Hotel for an entire afternoon)

Get back into the gym! I have a membership that is far too underused

Watch a couple of classic movies that I’m embarrassed to have never seen before. Titles TBD.

Have a bonfire on a chilly night

Eat at 5 new restaurants in Rochester
(Update: Vesper, Bad Apples Bistro, Red Fern)

Have a long, nowhere-to-be brunch out on a Saturday morning

Read a few more books by the end of the year

PS: My summer bucket list


Our beautiful Airbnb in Portland, Maine