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Shameless Product Plugs - Installment #2

It's time for round two of my Shameless Product Plugs series, the first of which you can check out here. As a refresher, this is a time for me to gush about all those (material) things for which I thank my lucky stars nearly every day that I'm going through life with them by my side. Now things don't make people happy; money doesn't buy happiness. Obvvvv. But when you find something you really love, it's sorta like the cherry on top, or at least the sprinkles.

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Shameless product plugs

I love finding the products and things of life that are just dependable, satisfying, and perfect; items that I want to stock up on, Y2K style, for fear they will stop being produced at some point. I often think I could so easily be a spokesperson for these products because I genuinely love them and practically want to shout it from the rooftops...

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The best and the worst of drugstore lipstick

The number of times I have wandered around Sephora, filled my arms with 13 different lip stains/pencils/sticks/creams that I so clearly needed, decided that I was poor and insane and then immediately set them all down and left the store empty handed, is, well, TOO many to count. Am I alone in that? I feel like I'm not alone in that...

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