Cheers! And thank you

We're in Gregorian calendar purgatory, and along with that comes the unwelcome melancholia that always seems to accompany the days following the holidays and the end of the year. I tend to be prone to the blues during what feels like moments of stagnancy anyway, and this is consistently one of them. But, my best tactic for dealing with it is a little bit of reflection on all the good I've experienced this year, and even more so, a little daydreaming about all that I have to look forward to.  There's nothing like a mini vacation from an angsty present in order to get a better head about things and snap myself out of a funk.

At the risk of sounding trite, I'm pretty excited for a shiny new year for all of us. There's something so bright about a clean slate. Cheers to giving something in your life a fresh start. 

Until then, know that I'm fighting off the post-holiday blues right alongside you, wirelessly speaking, and giving myself all of the excuses until the new year begins. 

I'll be back next week, not only a year older (my birthday is New Year's Day), but residing in a (crossing my fingers) much more functional living space. We are deeper than knee-deep in home renovations, and I can't wait to show you guys what we've been up to. PS: as of yesterday, we have a shower! PPS: this has meant that for three weeks I've been using my gym exclusively as a place to bathe, but secretly hoping people think I've just come in from a grueling workout outside. I'm hoping to be better in 2017. You know, "aim higher." New year, new me. As the old saying goes - 28th time's a charm. 

In all seriousness, but with much love, thank you for your readership. Your support, your sharing, and your camaraderie, even if faceless or nameless, is truly my favorite part about being here and sharing my life with you. 

In case you'd like to see, here are some of my favorite shots and moments from this past year, with links to their stories. Looking at these pictures makes me incredibly excited for what's to come for The Pastiche, and the planner side of me has already gotten down to business (like, color-coded, week-to-week, month-over-month kind of business).