Dinner with friends and a round-table discussion

Dinner with friends and a round-table discussion

A long time ago, I was out to dinner with some of my friends, and I posed a question that I had read about in a blog earlier that week and found quite thought provoking. I asked about how we thought we’d handle that dreaded day when our daughters will undoubtedly tell us that they feel fat, or feel ugly, or don’t like the way their legs look, or something to that effect. It’s an issue that tends to really hit home for most of us, because we’ve been there, and in a lot of ways, we’re still there at times. Although it doesn’t sound like an earth shattering idea, it’s one I truly hadn’t dedicated any thought to in terms of just how I’d handle this when it’s my own daughter someday. My friends and I each had slightly different reactions to it, and everyone’s opinions were so insightful and helpful. Clearly it does take a village (or a table of my girlfriends drinking wine) to raise a child, and this is how everyone felt:

Although I'm not a parent yet, I know that there is rarely an easy answer to anything, especially in good parenting. That's why this range in thought was both helpful and eye-opening. 

Whenever I find myself intimidated and scared of the prospect of shaping another individual's life, I remind myself that just being open to listening and learning is always a solid place to start (as I've mentioned before, this is something I value so much about my own mom). I am such a strong believer in open dialogue and conversation about nearly anything, even between a parent and child, because I believe it's the best way to promote honesty and reflection and fight fear and insecurity.  


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