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Travel as a right

After reading this article in my Worthy Reads post a couple months back, my mom texted me about it, comparing her own mindset to the men in the article. We were talking about how strange money is, and how relative it is. But, she said, she also hates that to want to experience more in your life is to essentially want more money, and she hates that the two are so closely tied.

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The principles I'll teach my kids

Be kind

Be a leader

Be interested

Tell the truth

These came to me after hearing Coach K (Duke University's famed men's basketball coach) speak at a conference I attended for work. He was an incredible speaker. He is honest, he’s humble, he’s experienced, and beyond anything else— he’s motivational. He makes you want to trust him, because he’s authentic. He makes you believe in yourself. He’s a winner, at heart, from within. He’s funny. And man, is his track record impressive. Check out this

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