In the market for: throw pillows

I'm already chuckling about this title because if you were to ask Jon, no one in their right mind would ever be in the market for throw pillows. He's like a real-life Jerry Seinfeld skit: "What's the deal with throw pillows? Throw pillows..." Not gonna lie: he's kind of right. They're all show, and (near) zero function. But, we all know they can absolutely transform a room, and at a relatively low price. It's a great thing to sub in and out to create a different scene from season to season, or just for a fresh look. I know it may feel like a funny time to be in the market for these, but, In light of our newest purchase (ps, a HOUSE), I've been majorly in the market for fun pillows for the couch and bedrooms. As you can see, I'm loving an interesting pattern in neutral tones, a crazy texture, and the occasional bright embroidery.

One // two

Hashmark Xs pillow // Suede tassel pillow

three // four

Black and white zig zag // Colorful triangles

five // six

Mosaic stripe red // Jacquard weave 

seven // eight

Diamond medallion // Pink velvet

nine // ten

Goldenrod scallops  // Navy jules

eleven // twelve

Colorful embroidered // Chevron

thirteen // fourteen

Black diamond lined // Beaded scallop

fifteen // sixteen

Palm leaves // Magic eye

seventeen // eighteen

Felt yellow ikat // Kilim diagonal

nineteen // twenty

Pompom-trimmed // Green patterned

twenty one // twenty two

Pink embroidered tufts // Jacquard diamonds

twenty three // twenty four

Lined threads // Colorblock woven loop