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Our bedroom project is (maybe) finished!

You guys, a bedroom has never been my biggest priority in settling into an apartment. It never feels as important as the living areas, especially since it's usually covered in clothes and really just a place for sleep. But I'd been craving a change to this mindset for a while. And so for the first time in a long time (probably since living in our childhood homes), our bedroom feels truly purposeful and thought-out. It's a curated mix of bright, eclectic, lived-in, and cozy. I'm loving how this long work in progress has turned out, and the fact that very few things were actually new purchases...

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My teeny tiny office space

It's been a long time since I've been able to call even the smallest nook my "office" space. And to be honest, I still do most of my blogging from my couch or my bed. But I've been spending some time slowly cultivating a unique little workspace of my own—thanks to this cutest desk that Jon gave me for Christmas to be the centerpiece of it all.

I think it's bright, comfortable, tidy, and eclectic—the best combination for me.

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Fresh and earthy Thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving is about family, gratitude, and abundance, and the vehicle for that message is the meal. That is what inspired me to make this fresh, rustic, and simple tablescape. I wanted it to be subtle and beautiful, without an enormous flower centerpiece or other distractions. I think a Thanksgiving table should feel earthy, comforting, and really be about the people sitting at the table. 

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DIY marbled clay jewelry dishes

When I first saw this DIY on Pinterest, I loved it, but I also sighed in disappointment at how involved and difficult it looked. Isn't that always how DIY projects go? One night at midnight you pin 13 projects that you're all jazzed up about, only to wake up the next day and wonder what came over you that you thought you'd actually pursue these crafts. That's a little how I felt with this one, inspired by A Beautiful Mess, but as it turns out, for no reason! This is not nearly as involved as it looks, and the materials were also inexpensive. Plus, the final product is stinkin' cute! Worth it.

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