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Travel as a right

After reading this article in my Worthy Reads post a couple months back, my mom texted me about it, comparing her own mindset to the men in the article. We were talking about how strange money is, and how relative it is. But, she said, she also hates that to want to experience more in your life is to essentially want more money, and she hates that the two are so closely tied.

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A new mantra

During our recent trip to Mexico, 90% of our awake time was spent outdoors: laying poolside, playing on the beach, hiking, exploring the town, eating at local street meat and taco stands, dining al fresco. Even our hotel room had an entire wall of sliding doors that were open to an outside balcony. Everything about this scenario day in and day out was divine. Needless to say, the transition back into real life has been difficult (understatement of the century)...

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Lake Placid, Adirondacks

Insert: tall evergreen trees, dark shadowy water, fresh air, the smell of burning wood, Christmas lights.

This is Lake Placid during the winter, and it was everything we were hoping for and more. We planned this little Christmas family getaway (in lieu of gifts) with a couple of simple things in mind: winter wonderland-esque and #flannelsandbourbon vibes. 

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