A little more about me. And the shop!
& let's work together.

Although much of life is mundane, there are always people/places/things that inspire us, feed our souls, set our hearts on fire. But there’s also beauty in the mundane; it just might take a closer look, or a slower walk-by, to revel in it.

In a fast paced world of shortcuts and forward thinking, this is the place for slowing down to annotate—the pretty, the delicious, the insatiable, the profound, in order to live (and appreciate) a slightly more vibrant life.

I like things that make me happy—good food, good people, and new places. I also like to create things, analyze things, collect things, and work on things. I think there’s a way to put all of what inspires me on a day-to-day (some days more than others) basis onto one canvas—one pastiche.

I’m Sarah, working in investment management by day (blogging and curating the Shop by morning, noon, and night), living in Rochester, New York with my husband Jon and my little baby girl Grace.

pas·tiche (n): a musical, literary, or artistic composition made up of selections from different works