Homemade jam as a holiday gift - DIY

Homemade jam as gift DIY

A few months ago, I posted my recipe for strawberry sriracha jam. And since the holidays always have me wanting to give all the gifts, I thought this would be the sweetest (and easiest) way to step up my homemade gift game a little bit. I think it would make a great host or hostess gesture, especially since it's so good on toast in the morning after a late, indulgent night.

I think these little jars speak for themselves, but you could also give a handwritten recipe card along with the jam, or a fresh loaf of bread and a fun spreading knife in a gift basket

Here's what you need

Homemade jam in jars (my recipe here, if you'd like)
Gift tags
Letter rubber stamps (Michaels dollar bin is great for these)
Strawberry stamp (and for these too!)
Small paint brushes
Colored ink (in red and green for the strawberry and then black for letters)
Baker's twine or other string (I usually find this at HomeGoods or Marshalls)

Here's how you do it

Once your jam is made and poured into jars, begin making the tags. Use the paint brushes to "paint" the fruit stamp with different colors. In this case, I used red on the berry part and a light green on the stem. Then stamp the tag as evenly as you can! Then use the letter stamps and black ink to stamp any words you'd like. I kept things simple and just wrote out 'sriracha'. Don't stress too much about making things perfectly even or straight; imperfections look really cute when stamping. Then cut long pieces of string and use them to tie the tags tightly around each lid. 

Homemade jam as gift - DIY
Homemade jam as gift - DIY
Homemade jam as gift - DIY
Homemade jam as gift - DIY