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DIY: Retro bottle brush snow globes

How cute are bottle brush trees? After seeing so many evergreen colored varieties, I was thrilled to find these retro inspired ones a few months ago. I had to temporarily transport myself into Christmas mode to purchase them out of season for fear I’d never see them again. I also had to remind myself daily that I owned them for fear they’d end up in a random craft drawer or box, never to be seen again. 

Alas, it’s Christmas time and my little DIY bottle brush snow globes are constructed and all is right with the world.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Installment #1

For the person you're friendly with but don't know super well yet, but still want to gift with something thoughtful without spending a ton of money.

Your new boyfriend's parents, your co-worker for Secret Santa, etc. We've all been there and it can sometimes be the toughest gift to shop for. 

I've crafted this affordable gift guide of less taste-specific, more palatable items that may feel more thoughtful than your go-to gift certificate. 

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